Secret Skin is an Omaha, NE based band.  They formed in the 1990’s .  They are a 3 piece “ROCK” band who play original music.

The band is:  Dana Hancock who plays lead guitar and lead vocals, Clint Thomas who plays bass guitar and backing vocals and Paul Weaklend who is the drummer.

Secret Skin has toured the United States and played with the following bands:  311, Ted Nugent, Violent Femmes, Goo Goo Dolls, Gin Blossoms, Filter, The Urge, Old Boy Network, God Lives Under Water, The Marvelous 3 and many, many others!

Secret Skin has been voted best original local band in Omaha twice. The second time they won the $5,000.00 top prize from Harrah’s Casino and  rock radio station Z-92.

Secret Skin played a show at The Session Room in 2015, which followed up their show from 2014 where they played to a crowd of over 800 people at the Sokol Auditorium when they played with Blue Moon Ghetto’s 20th anniversary reunion show.

Stay tuned to the website and Facebook for the latest from Secret Skin.  Something is usually in the works with the band.

2018 saw Secret Skin reunite for a Sunday Night Show at the Session Room Omaha on July 8th.  There is talk that Secret Skin might be recording a new/greatest hits album.  If this is confirmed, this will be the place to get all the details!